This plan of action will implement over the next 3 years (2012-2015), the Joint Declaration of Setting up Cooperation and Community on Pharmacogenomics, signed in Bangkok, Thailand, on 2nd February 2012.
1. We, the Participants of 1st Meeting South East Asian Pharmacogenomics Research Network (SEAPHARM), gather in Bangkok, Thailand, today to chart the future course of our Pharmacogenomics Cooperation, thus contributing to the development of academic, technological and business matters.
2. We, set our vision for Pharmacogenomics community, based on the recognition of need for growing interdependence among the stakeholders of Pharmacogenomics, including but not limited to, researchers, inventors, academy, public and private sectors, subject to enhance the development and competitiveness in the field of Pharmacogenomics.
3. As we move further into 21st century, it is imperative for Pharmacogenomics community to seek more reinforced collaboration that is grounded upon equal partnership, shared responsibility, mutual respect and common benefit.
4. By strengthening mutual cooperation in Pharmacogenomics community, we will become more effective in mobilizing human, devices and any resource to facilitate sustainable and equitable growth of Pharmacogenomics community.
5. Promote further cooperation and linkage, through seminars, exhibitions, workshops, technical assistance, scholarship scheme, training, joint R&D project and institutional linkages so as to exchange information, experience, know-how, technology and best practices, where appropriate, in the field of Pharmacogenomics.
-The Joint Declaration does not have the force of law.-