Personalized medicine for South East Asian populations

Pharmacogenomics is involving prevention of rare/uncommon life-threatening side effects, and this is the utmost important scheme in practice of medicine "First, do no harm". To enable the research and development of pharmacogenomics of rare/uncommon side effects, consortium is the approach to gather researchers with same research interests and equipped them necessarily resources for tackle the problems together.

For an example, HLA-B*1502 associated CBZ induced SJS/TENS (CBZ-SJS/TENS) is a unique situation that highlight the importance of studying these serious side effects in countries/settings where the side effects are highly prevalence, establishing the national and regional networks of researchers with common interests in the topics are very important agenda for any nation and region. Since the integration of Southeast Asian countries is coming in 2013, we are looking forward to the integration of the pharmacovigilance and drug regulation  in South East Asian.